On Saturday Feb 27th 2016. We are delighted to be hosting a one day seminar in the Champions Room at the infamous Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center (MSAC).

We have world leaders in both S&C coaching and behaviour change delivering powerful presentations with a mastermind panel at the end of the day with some of the special guests.

Our presenters include:

  • Dan Baker (Brisbane Broncos SC coach -Premiership wins in 4 consecutive years running)

  • Roy Sugarman (Director of Performance at EXOS),

  • Nathan Quinn (Leading Educator in Mindset & Performance / Event Host)

  • David Nugent (Leading expert on behaviour change specialising in anger management)

With special guests;

Sam Solomon IBF world middleweight champion, Terry Condon SC coach Geelong FC, Jason Stacy, amongst others.

The seminar is is focused around developing discipline, anxiety management and harnessing long term commitment and motivation.

All speakers will give highly practical presentations with transferable tools and systems for trainers and coaches to implement.


**Please Note: Food / Drinks can be purchased via MSAC Cafeteria or alternatively you are free to bring your own food to this event.



Melbourne Sports Aquatic Center (Champions Room) 30 Aughtie Dr, Melbourne VIC 3206

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See some industry leading presenters covering some the most important components of performance. This will revolutionize the way you think about mindset & performance coaching.

Roy Sugarman

Arousal Control- How to manage arousal levels for peak performance and also how high training intensity can often induce anxiety and what strategies we can use to overcome it / manage it.

Dan Baker

Behaviour Modification 'Broncos' Style Systems and strategies for harnessing long term discipline and motivation with athletes, a pivotal factor for performance when faced with physically and psychologically stressful situations.

Nathan Quinn

Presentation: Transferability; The art of conscious skill development transfer into elite subconscious performance

David Nugent

Anger & Communication- How our coaching can effect self belief and performance. I will teach you cycles of violence in relationships and how to understand and manage thought stacking.