Online Course

What you will learn / gain

  • 12 lessons on enhancing brain performance with your clients
  • One on one interviews with Elite athletes channeling in on how they apply strategies for improved mindset and brain function
  • Learning the principles to apply coaching with clients on how to improve resilience and optimal arousal levels
  • Tools to target clients belief systems and their origins to enhance behaviour change
  • Understand how to work with clients to overcome fear and outside stressors that effect performance

Why you need this course

  • Body Brain Performance Training is the only course of its kind.  You will impress your clients with an in depth understanding of the psychology of behaviour change.
  • We will teach you how to coach clients in new ways outside of making them sweat.  You will have knowledge and strategies that have never been seen which will label you a Body Brain Performance Trainer.

What to expect

  • BBPT is a fully online course that you can access from your own home.
  • Your platform includes highly interactive presentations on Body Brain Performance.
  • Downloadable templates for you to utilise with clients for coaching sessions.
  • You will build closer relationships with your clients and a higher level of understanding and trust.
  • Each topic is followed by a multiple choice quiz.  Once all quizzes are complete you will receive your certificate.

Why choose Body Brain Integration?

  • Our team includes many of Australia’s top elite performance coaches.
  • Internationally qualified presenters.
  • You will receive unlimited access to our videos and resources.
  • You will receive a certificate with 10 CEC points upon completion.


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