eBook Part 2

Body Brain Integration eBook Part 2


Now that you have completed Part 1, you have an improved understanding of your current position and a much better idea of how you got to this point. Part two allows you to take action and transform your perspective. Part 2 guides you through how nutrition and exercise are linked to brain performance and provides you with an arsenal of tools that you can implement today. You will gain a better perspective on your character type and those around you then unleash the fire inside to both improve performance and redefine yourself.

Later in your Part 2 you will inherit strategies to stay motivated and improve resilience. We are confident that Body Brain Integration Part 2 will leave you both excited and inspired to take control.

eBook Content
1. Understanding Physical Activity
2. Nutrition
3. Gateway Behaviours
4. Stress

  • Social Stress

5. Find a Mentor
6. Resilience
7. Sleep

  • Sleep Hygiene

8. Knowing Yourself

  • Behold the 6 deadly character types
  • The Wheel of Life

9. Take Responsibility

  • The Perspective Gauge

10. Continuous Improvement
11. Your Cognitive Change Contract