Reduced Stress from Reduced Expectations

Many people develop the mindset that they have to be perfectionists at everything. Comparing your life to other people and trying to strive to be the best you can be at everything. This can lead to a lot of stress when the expectations set for one's self are not met, and can lead to depression and feelings of inadequacy. With a growth mindset, however, one can learn to not pay attention to such criteria of perfection and learn to go with the flow that whatever life brings to them.

Increase Resilience and Confidence

Building confidence can be a key part in remaining positive throughout one's life, but it can be difficult to do with a fixed mindset. Confidence tends to be fragile and can be undermined by setbacks and hurdles that haven't been overcome. By developing a growth mindset, confidence can be strengthened to the point that there is nothing that can't be conquered. It can make one take more risks and seek out new ventures that one may never think.

Changing one's mindset isn't a solution for all problems, but it can be used to change one's outlook and develop a more positive approach to everything in one's life.

Improve Performance in Relationships

Getting out of a fixed mindset will prevent you from placing a partner on a pedestal and making them unattainable. However, that can ruin your chances of finding someone that you can spend the rest of your life with. Those with a growth mindset can learn to accept the faults that exist in all people and not sabotage their chances of a relationship. By learning to adapt one's weaknesses and strengths, both partners will learn how to become better people and develop stronger bonds.